Depending on the time of year many professional photographers offer mini sessions to their clients. Mini sessions are usually reduced in time, and the amount of images the client gets is reduced as well. For example a photographers regular session may cost $200 for an hour, but will offer a mini session for $100 for thirty minutes and include three to five images.

 There are two ways mini sessions can benefit you (the client).


What is a mini session? Mini sessions come in different themes and session sizes. Photographers can offer Valentines day mini sessions, spring mini sessions, senior graduation mini sessions and Christmas mini sessions, just to name a few. 

Mentioned before, mini sessions are reduced in time and money in order to give clients the opportunity to get quick holiday photos. A location is chosen by the photographer as well as a date(s) and time slots. All the client has to do is let the photographer know which day they want and the time from the list given to them. With mini sessions it is imperative for the client to show up on time and even a bit earlier in order to get the full experience. Sometimes photographers have a day or two lined up with back to back time slots, so if you are not on time your session will be cut short in order to prevent other clients from having reduced sessions. 


Cheaper than a regular session: One good thing about mini sessions is that they are cheaper than the photographers regular sessions. You can save money to get holiday photos taken of yourself, your kids and your family. You also don’t have to worry about thinking of a theme and location for your session because all of that has been decided by the photographer. With a cheaper session you will receive limited images, but the photographer may allow you to buy extra images at a fixed price. 


Test out the photographer: Mini sessions are a great way to get familiar with a photographer and their work to see if you would like to hire them for one of their regular sessions. Even though mini sessions are short in time you can still get the vibe of the photographer and how they work with you. You also have a chance to see how your photos will turn out and if you like their editing style. Yes it is easy to look at a photographers editing style on their portfolio, but you need to see if you like their editing style for your photos and the best way to do that is to get your photos done during a mini session, unless you know for sure you like their editing style. 


Stating all of this information, this is not a way to persuade you from having a regular session with a professional photographer. You also should not go to different photographers because they are having mini sessions. Getting a photographer and sticking with them, unless they do not offer a session you need, is a great way to build a relationship with someone who will be taking care of your memories. I hope you liked this mini post about mini sessions and the benefits they provide. 


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