At the beginning of my photography journey I have taken pictures of many memories that have allowed me to understand what I like and what I don’t like when it comes to a niche in the photography business. I am proud of Alia Royce Photography and the positive and fun experience I give my clients. I am dedicated to what I do and how I achieve what I believe is my perfection. It is easy for a person to go on any website and determine what services are being offered and what is being sold to them, but I wanted to go a step further and write a post about the services Alia Royce Photography offers and why I offer these services. 


Senior Graduation Session: When that high school graduation year comes around not only is the graduating senior extremely happy, but all those close to the senior is happy as well. As a high school teacher I have seen students from ninth grade to their final twelfth grade year go through life’s ups and downs. Sometimes more downs than ups depending on situations that happen within that child’s life. To see the excitement on my students’ faces when they reach May and the feeling of graduation approaching quicker than they realize always makes me feel proud and happy they shared one of the most important journeys of life with me. 


This is why I offer senior graduation sessions. To see the excitement on my clients face and to see how proud their parents are always makes me feel overjoyed. I always sit back and think they could have chosen another photographer to capture this special moment, but they chose to share it with me.     


College Graduation Session: Graduating college is a feeling all on its own. No parents around to tell you what to do and who to hang out with. Everything is, or mostly everything is done on your own. Finding who you are and passing classes is a major accomplishment. If you’re married and/or a parent and/or work and have completed your undergraduate or graduate degree this is an important event because you did the damn thang (no I did not make a typo LOL) even with extra stuff going on in your life.  I remember those days and how I felt when the day finally came for me to get my bachelor’s degree and getting my master’s while being a wife, mother to my son while being pregnant and due any day gave me a sense of empowerment.


 College graduation is another milestone that needs to be captured and sent out for all to see. I remember those long nights of writing papers and studying for tests. Why not have a session to celebrate yourself? Have a session on campus to keep those memories of accomplishment. 


Couple/Engagement Session: Love is always in the air! There is always a reason to celebrate being with the one you love and having a couple or engagement session captures that love. I love hearing how couples met and what they love about each other. Funny things that have happened while they have been together and also the scary times that brought them even closer. 


Empowerment Individual Session: Feeling empowered is something we all need. Getting dressed up and being the center of attention adds a little pep to your step. I love seeing clients view the back of my camera at a shot I took of them and seeing their face light up in disbelief that the person they are looking at is actually them. Empowerment sessions can take place anytime of the year and can be tailored to your needs. You can go elegant and wear a ballgown or wear your favorite sports shirt and jeans. 


The best thing about empowerment sessions is no milestone has to happen in your life in order to book this type of session. This session is all about when you want it to take place. No particular reason and for no one else but yourself. 


Boudoir Session: Women and men should feel great in their own skin. As a mother I have acquired stretch marks and a body that does not look the same as it did when I was in my early twenties. Let’s face it. We get older and our bodies do things we sometimes don’t expect. Change happens, but what should not happen are feelings of low self esteem because we hold ourselves to be who we once were. And I’m talking about myself too. 


Boudoir sessions aren’t just putting on lingerie and having pictures taken. This session creates empowerment and encourages women and men to accept who they are and where they are in life. My favorite moments during the session are not the poses or outfits worn during the session. My favorite moments are when my clients see their photos for the first time and see how sexy and badass they really are. To see how my clients go from being scared to pose in front of the camera the first couple of minutes to owning their bodies by the end of the session. Boudoir sessions are important to me as they are my clients because I can go through the entire process with them and see how the experience changes each into a better self empowering person.     


Every professional photographer has their why when it comes to the sessions they offer. If you ever want to know their why just ask. This allows you to understand the type of photographer you have and what keeps them going. Want to know more about my sessions? Fill out the information below to receive more information.

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