Today is Monday and y’all know what that means. Meet Me Monday is back for a second post! To be honest I couldn’t wait to post this. As a photographer serving the Houston, Texas area I feel that it is important that you learn about me just like I learn about you. If you missed my previous post covering four things about me you can find that here

Keep reading to find out four more interesting facts about your favorite Houston portrait photographer. 

I’m a Teacher

I like to say my other superpower is being a high school teacher. It takes a special person to be able to work with teenagers, hell working with any age for that matter. I love working with teenagers and is one of the reasons I offer senior sessions. I am able to see them evolve from a scared freshman to a badass senior ready to take on the world. I have been teaching for eight years and have loved every moment of it.

I Have a Serious Obsession With Makeup

I buy makeup almost every time I go into Walmart and I make special trips to Ulta just to walk around and see the products that I know I don’t need. Right now I’m currently obsessing on the Colourpop ”Uh Huhh Honey“ eyeshadow pallet. The golden colors are so pigmented and it takes me out of my usual neutral colors I wear when I do rock a full face. I also practice putting on makeup on the weekends just to perfect my skills. When I take my self portraits I always try to coordinate my makeup with my vision for that self session.

I’m a Podcast Addict

I love podcasts. I’m currently enjoying my mental health and self improvement so the podcasts I listen to boost my self confidence and provide me with clarity. Other genres I enjoy when I listen to my podcasts are religious and business related. I believe we always need to hear the word from the Lord to stay on track spiritually and I can always use tips and tricks on how to run my business. 

I Love Working On My Mental Health

I am a huge supporter of good mental health. Since becoming a mother I have lost who I am as a person and I know in order to find the person I want to be I have to be aware of my mental health. Something that has helped me to start understanding who I am and what I want to see myself as are my therapy sessions. I love being able to unload all of my doubts, fears, and happiness to someone who can help me process my mental thoughts and actions properly. I feel as a wife, mother and individual I deserve to be mentally happy with myself and seeking help for that is a major key. 

I hope y’all are enjoying this series as much as I am! We all have facts about us that we can share with others. What are some awesome facts about you? Leave a comment below!!



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