With the latest technology around and the best phones why would anyone need a photographer? I mean we can just do a couple of quick snaps with our phone or point and shoot, slap a filter on those bad boys, upload those photos for everyone to see and hope they press that like button and call it a day. 



Don’t get me wrong when it comes to my everyday life and taking photos of my silly kids and capturing the brief moments they share with me, I use the camera on my iPhone. Sometimes those pictures come out great and other times I want to tell my kids to redo what they just did in order to get that moment crystal clear with my DSLR. 

Being a photographer I know not everything can be captured on my phone, especially if I want to be in the photo. There are events and special occasions that require a professional photographer to capture our moments in order to have the perfect pose and make sure the lighting is just right and the location is the best for the type of session booked. 

Here are three reasons why hiring a professional photographer is important!


Do you think about the lighting around you when you take your photos? I don’t just mean whether or not there’s enough light in the room to determine when to use your flash. I’m talking about the direction the light is coming from.

 The left? The right? Behind you? Behind your subject? Is there an over cast? Direct sunlight? Do you need an off camera flash? What about a soft box? 

All of this determines the settings on your camera in order to get a clear photo of what you’re taking a picture of. A GOOD photographer knows all about lighting and how to either incorporate that light into the photo or use items to bounce light or block the light entirely in order to get that awesome photograph. 


When taking photos do you think about your surroundings before you press the shutter button on your camera? Depending on what theme you are looking for and the type of session you want (graduation, couple, wedding, children) your location and the surrounding area is very important. Say you want to take photos of your family. An easy location would be a park right?. Looking at the surrounding area of the park you see a large area that is great for your family photos, but have you noticed what is going on in the background? 

The trash can behind your family? The people running on the trail or playing fetch with their dog? Trash on the ground because people did not clean up after themselves before they left?  

Sometimes it’s easy to do a couple of quick snaps to capture those memories to then go back to the photo to find some extra prop we were not looking out for. A GOOD photographer has the location planned out and has seen the location to determine where you need to stand and what areas to keep away from. We know that location is important not only to you but to us as well. 


Those Sanpchat and Instagram filters are perfect for those days you want to put on makeup without actually putting on makeup or adding a different color to the entire photo in order to “spice it up a bit.” I’m guilty of this too when it comes to my phone selfies, but that does not cut it when I am capturing a special moment. 

When you’re looking at a photo you captured of your kids do you notice the exposure? What about the contrast and the white balance? Do you see the missed jelly speck on your child’s cheek and know how to remove it so the jelly isn’t the focus of the photo?

A GOOD photographer knows what to look for when editing. We are capable of using our choice of editing software (I use both Photoshop and Lightroom) to enhance your photos. We can fix that jelly speck or whiten teeth. We have trained our eyes to look out for anything that may stand out in the photo and fix it.  

These are just some of the reasons why hiring a photographer is important. Yes it is easy to take photos by yourself, but having a professional looking out for all the little things that you would easily glance over is why you need a professional photographer. Find a photographer that listens to you and what you want for your session and they will make the magic happen. Start off with a mini session if the photographer is offering. You will be happy you decided to use a professional. 

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