4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Photographer

Picking a photographer for your special event can be a hard task. Depending on what session you want will determine what type of photographer you need.

There are also many other factors to consider when looking for a professional photographer. Know that you are just as important in the photo taking process and it is up to you to find that professional photographer who puts you and your needs first. Now I’m not saying you will be right in all of the decisions that are going to be made regarding your photo session, but you do need to be heard. The first step before you even book a session is to know what type of photographer you need and how do they fit into your vision. I have listed and explained four things to look out for or notice when booking a professional photographer.

Specialty of the Photographer:

Some photographers take photos of everything and a majority of photographers have a niche. A photographers niche is a certain genre of photography the photographer specializes in. Getting married? You will need a wedding photographer. Have a graduating high school senior? You need a senior photographer. Want to empower yourself and wear lingerie during your session? You need a boudoir photographer. Have an important corporate event that needs digitally edited images to go on your business website? You need an event photographer.

For my photography business I offer to my clients senior, college graduate, couple/engagement, individual empowerment, and boudoir sessions. I cannot offer to take children’s photos because that is not my niche. Posing children is hard work and getting them in a pose in hope and prayer they will stay in that exact spot when I raise my camera to capture the moment is tough. Again that is just me. Every photographer is different.

Depending on where you live, you may have a saturation of photographers in your area, such as the case in Houston, Texas. Narrowing down the type of photographer you need will help you find someone who will cater to your wants and needs during the photography process. Lucky for you there are multiple social media outlets and Google to you help pick from the thousands of photographers out there. You can search for a certain type of photographer on Instagram and Facebook through the search bar using your location/area and the specific need you have. I say Instagram and Facebook because you can view all of the images they post on their social media and not just a few that may be posted on their website.
For example when you type Houston,Texas Senior Photographer on Instagram:

You can scroll through the photos displayed on your screen and see what you like and what you don’t like and narrow your choices down to two or three photographers. Make sure to give them a call or email them with specific questions you have. It is very important to hire a photographer that specializes in the type of photos you need in order to get the best quality and expertise.

Side Note: If there is a photographer that you like and you notice they do not specialize in the type of session you need, it does not hurt to ask them if they would be interested in taking your photos. Explain to the photographer what you are needing and why you want them to be your photographer and you may get a yes.

Just because a photographer is cheap does not mean they are good. Yes discounts are awesome and depending on the photographer you may catch them at the perfect time they are offering a mini session, but sometimes cheap is not always best. Yes, I understand photography sessions and products we offer aren’t cheap and may be a little expensive, but you are paying for the quality of work. I’m not saying go straight to the most expensive photographer you can find and tell them to take your money. I’m telling you to look at the quality of the photos the photographer offers and see if it is worth the investment. What you need to look for are clear photos, the length of the session for the price, what you believe are the right amount of images you are receiving for the price (this does not mean call to negotiate what you want). Is the photographers editing style what you want your photos to look like (I talk about this later in the post), and the reviews the photographer is receiving from their clients. All of this is important when thinking about pricing.

Editing Style:

A photographers editing style is another important factor when looking for a professional photographer. The editing style of the photographer determines how the final photos will look. What you should be looking at is the exposure (how bright or dark the photo is) of the photos the photographer has posted on their social media and website.

The amount of touch ups done on the skin of the person/people in the photo. Some professional photographers will remove excessive blemishes, wrinkles, and smooth the skin to where the photo looks like its unreal. (I’m not saying this is all wrong, but it depends on what you are looking for).

Presets are another editing style you must consider. A professional photographer uses presets to create their own look and style of their work. There are many pre-made presets a photographer can use and a photographer can also make their own presets. Look at the colors and exposure of the photographers photos to determine what your photos will look like if you chose them to be your photographer. Are the photos too cool? Too warm? Too bright? If you do not like the editing style of the photographer then look for another photographer.

The Vibe Between You and Your Photographer:

You and your photographer have to get along. Many photographers have consultations before you schedule a session in order to discuss the types of sessions they offer, the products they offer for purchase, pricing, and also to see if you two will be a good fit for each other. Having a photographer who does not share the same vision as you or is hard to work with can make your whole experience with professional photography emotionally and mentally painful.

I offer consultations for my prospective clients in order for us to get to know each other and ask each other questions. During my consultations I am asking certain questions depending on what my prospective client needs.

Just say I have a consultation for a senior session. Some questions I will ask are:

What school are you graduating from? What activities do you participate in at school? Do you have a certain theme/look for your session? Do you have a certain location for your session?

These questions and more allow me to understand who I am talking to and what they want from me as a professional photographer. If I am not the type of photographer they are looking for I respectfully tell the prospective client what they are looking for I can not provide, but I can suggest a couple of professional photographers that do. This gives the prospective client respect and other options they have even though we are not working together.
We photographers take pride in our work and want to offer the best to our clients. We also know that not everyone is going to be our client and you should know that not all professional photographers are going to be the one for you. This business goes both ways.
I hope you were able to get some good information. Comment below what you feel is important when booking a photographer.



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