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Class of 2020 Senior Session. Alvin High School, Alvin Tx

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4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Photographer

Picking a photographer for your special event can be a hard task. Depending on what session you want will determine what type of photographer you need.

There are also many other factors to consider when looking for a professional photographer. Know that you are just as important in the photo taking process and it is up to you to find that professional photographer who puts you and your needs first. Now I’m not saying you will be right in all of the decisions that are going to be made regarding your photo session, but you do need to be heard. The first step before you even book a session is to know what type of photographer you need and how do they fit into your vision. I have listed and explained four things to look out for or notice when booking a professional photographer.

Specialty of the Photographer:

Some photographers take photos of everything and a majority of photographers have a niche. A photographers niche is a certain genre of photography the photographer specializes in. Getting married? You will need a wedding photographer. Have a graduating high school senior? You need a senior photographer. Want to empower yourself and wear lingerie during your session? You need a boudoir photographer. Have an important corporate event that needs digitally edited images to go on your business website? You need an event photographer.

For my photography business I offer to my clients senior, college graduate, couple/engagement, individual empowerment, and boudoir sessions. I cannot offer to take children’s photos because that is not my niche. Posing children is hard work and getting them in a pose in hope and prayer they will stay in that exact spot when I raise my camera to capture the moment is tough. Again that is just me. Every photographer is different.

Depending on where you live, you may have a saturation of photographers in your area, such as the case in Houston, Texas. Narrowing down the type of photographer you need will help you find someone who will cater to your wants and needs during the photography process. Lucky for you there are multiple social media outlets and Google to you help pick from the thousands of photographers out there. You can search for a certain type of photographer on Instagram and Facebook through the search bar using your location/area and the specific need you have. I say Instagram and Facebook because you can view all of the images they post on their social media and not just a few that may be posted on their website.
For example when you type Houston,Texas Senior Photographer on Instagram:

You can scroll through the photos displayed on your screen and see what you like and what you don’t like and narrow your choices down to two or three photographers. Make sure to give them a call or email them with specific questions you have. It is very important to hire a photographer that specializes in the type of photos you need in order to get the best quality and expertise.

Side Note: If there is a photographer that you like and you notice they do not specialize in the type of session you need, it does not hurt to ask them if they would be interested in taking your photos. Explain to the photographer what you are needing and why you want them to be your photographer and you may get a yes.

Just because a photographer is cheap does not mean they are good. Yes discounts are awesome and depending on the photographer you may catch them at the perfect time they are offering a mini session, but sometimes cheap is not always best. Yes, I understand photography sessions and products we offer aren’t cheap and may be a little expensive, but you are paying for the quality of work. I’m not saying go straight to the most expensive photographer you can find and tell them to take your money. I’m telling you to look at the quality of the photos the photographer offers and see if it is worth the investment. What you need to look for are clear photos, the length of the session for the price, what you believe are the right amount of images you are receiving for the price (this does not mean call to negotiate what you want). Is the photographers editing style what you want your photos to look like (I talk about this later in the post), and the reviews the photographer is receiving from their clients. All of this is important when thinking about pricing.

Editing Style:

A photographers editing style is another important factor when looking for a professional photographer. The editing style of the photographer determines how the final photos will look. What you should be looking at is the exposure (how bright or dark the photo is) of the photos the photographer has posted on their social media and website.

The amount of touch ups done on the skin of the person/people in the photo. Some professional photographers will remove excessive blemishes, wrinkles, and smooth the skin to where the photo looks like its unreal. (I’m not saying this is all wrong, but it depends on what you are looking for).

Presets are another editing style you must consider. A professional photographer uses presets to create their own look and style of their work. There are many pre-made presets a photographer can use and a photographer can also make their own presets. Look at the colors and exposure of the photographers photos to determine what your photos will look like if you chose them to be your photographer. Are the photos too cool? Too warm? Too bright? If you do not like the editing style of the photographer then look for another photographer.

The Vibe Between You and Your Photographer:

You and your photographer have to get along. Many photographers have consultations before you schedule a session in order to discuss the types of sessions they offer, the products they offer for purchase, pricing, and also to see if you two will be a good fit for each other. Having a photographer who does not share the same vision as you or is hard to work with can make your whole experience with professional photography emotionally and mentally painful.

I offer consultations for my prospective clients in order for us to get to know each other and ask each other questions. During my consultations I am asking certain questions depending on what my prospective client needs.

Just say I have a consultation for a senior session. Some questions I will ask are:

What school are you graduating from? What activities do you participate in at school? Do you have a certain theme/look for your session? Do you have a certain location for your session?

These questions and more allow me to understand who I am talking to and what they want from me as a professional photographer. If I am not the type of photographer they are looking for I respectfully tell the prospective client what they are looking for I can not provide, but I can suggest a couple of professional photographers that do. This gives the prospective client respect and other options they have even though we are not working together.
We photographers take pride in our work and want to offer the best to our clients. We also know that not everyone is going to be our client and you should know that not all professional photographers are going to be the one for you. This business goes both ways.
I hope you were able to get some good information. Comment below what you feel is important when booking a photographer.



4 Reasons For Your Photographer’s Pricing

Booking a professional photographer is not always cheap and depending on what type of session you are looking for will determine the price you may pay for your session.

Each photographer has different pricing for their services and if you want a photographer who knows what they are doing you may pay more. This post is not to encourage you to find the most expensive photographer you can and throw your money at them. I am giving you a first hand look into what photographers have to account for when pricing their services. When it comes to photography a lot of times people want the Walmart pricing, but the Target experience. You know what I’m talking about don’t you? Okay let me put it like this. Many people look at us photographers and want cheap sessions and products, but want us to go all out and pull out the fireworks when it comes to the experience you receive. While this may be true for some photographers, not all photographers can do that and here’s why. 

The Session:

Professional photographers spend their time at the session making sure everything is running smooth. We have to juggle making sure our settings are correct on our cameras, the lighting is just right (whether in studio or outdoors), posing the client, what’s going on in the background and surrounding areas of the client, props to be used in a particular photo, and making sure the client feels comfortable in front of the camera. We do this for the entire time that is reserved for that session. Depending on what session package your photographer offers, you may be at a location for an hour or two and multiple locations.  All of this is factored into the pricing of your session. Professional photographers dedicate their time in order to take your photos and provide you with great customer service that makes you, the client, feel like you were born to be in front of the camera. 


Once the session is over you go home with a great experience. Telling everyone you know how the session went and how you can’t wait to see your photos. For us photographers our work is just beginning. Depending on the type of session and how many times we pressed the shutter button we must sift through countless images in order to find the right ones. Once we have found those perfect images we have to go through the task of editing the photos. Editing is not some quick process where we spend thirty minutes of our time fixing the exposure, contrast, the vibrance and color tones. True editing takes time and can take multiple days or even a month (depending on what type of session you had). Factoring in editing while pricing sessions is very important to a photographer because that is the time we are away from our family and friends. Yes we chose to do this as a business, but we also want to be realistic and incorporate the time it takes to edit photos to perfection. 

Improving Skills and Equipment:

In order for professional photographers to stay on top of our game we have to improve our skills and equipment. We have to factor this in when pricing our session and products in order to have money for this. Improving skills may include classes that cover a particular topic, one on one mentoring, classes at a local community college or university, group workshops, and the list goes on. I know I don’t want to be the same photographer I was a year ago and you should want the same from the photographer you choose.

Equipment is another thing professional photographers have to think about when running a photography business. Let me ask you this. If I dropped my lens and it broke and we are two days out from your session, would you want me to cancel our session? I’m sure your answer is no. That is why it is important for photographers to include equipment when pricing our sessions and products. We have to have money for the unknown disasters that happen to our equipment and also new equipment we can use during shoots.  

Bills, Bills, Bills:

I promise I’m not about to start singing the Destiny Child’s song, even though they are one of my favorite groups. Just like everyone else who has to work and pay bills so does your photographer. We have to price our sessions and products in order to continue to pay our monthly bills and live. For me, I still have a family I have to provide for and I cannot do that if I am offering sessions and products for little to nothing. Let’s get even more honest. There is a certain way of life I want to live in order for me to be comfortable. Each professional photographer has a different view and expectation when it comes to living and each has different bills to pay. So just remember, like you we too have to continue to work in order to provide for ourselves and our families. 

Professional photographers are just like everyone else. We run a business in order to make money but also provide a service that creates memories. Remember this when you are booking a session with your photographer and think their pricing is a bit expensive. One thing you can ask for is a pre-payment plan in order to pay on your session. Not all photographers offer this so if your photographer says no please respect how they run their business. 

 Photography is not a cheap business to run and on top of running the business, professional photographers also have the same requirements everyone else does when it comes to living in this world.


Meet Me Monday 3

Disclaimer: The items mentioned in this post were bought with my own money and is listed in this post to inform the reader.

It’s that time again. Another Monday in January means another Meet Me Monday. This is the third series and like I have said before, I’m enjoying sharing who I am with you. I believe all of my clients should know who I am. There are so many photographers in the Houston and surrounding areas and I want you to know who I am and what I like and don’t like. 

If you missed the Meet Me Monday 1 and Meet Me Monday 2 you missed out on a lot. I shared how I feel about mental health and my obsession with makeup (because a girl can’t have too much makeup right?) I also shared my love for books and candy. 

To find out more about your favorite photographer keep reading!


Favorite Movie and T.V. Show Genre

I love movies that make me laugh. I am always down for a good comedy and if you look at my Netflix account you will see comedy sitcoms and movies more than any other genre. My favorite actor is Will Ferrel and my favorite movies are Step Brothers and Talladega Nights, both starring Will Ferrel. I also watch way too many crime and superhero shows. I have been binge watching the Prodigal Son. This show goes into the mind of the son of a serial killer as he tries to piece together his childhood to determine what happened to the girl in the chest while solving crimes as a criminal psychologist. Another show I just finished watching and really sad there will not be another season is The Runaways. I enjoy watching superhero shows and this show did not disappoint, well until I found out that there weren’t going to be anymore. I also binge on The Flash when a new season is uploaded on Netflix. I can never watch a t.v. show when it first airs on a specific date. My life does not allow that so I wait until the new seasons are uploaded on Netflix in order to watch when I want and if I have the chance I can watch non stop.   


Favorite Music Genre 

I was born in 1986, but I am a 90’s child. I love R&B and how the lyrics and beats sway me into harmonizing , while off key, with the artist. There is something about grooving and feeling a sense of love that pulls me to R&B. I even workout to R&B when I am lifting weights. It slows me down to get my reps nice and clean and puts me in a good mood while I’m at the gym. Some of the artists currently on my Apple playlist for R&B is Dru Hill, Ashanti, Toni Braxton, Xscape, Monica, and Ginuwine.   


Favorite Food

I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD! I swear my family eats at a Mexican restaurant once a week. Lately we have been trying to do better and not eat out as much, but when we do we always go to a Mexican restaurant. I love everything about Mexican food. Breakfast tacos, chips and salsa, queso, fajitas, taco salad, tostadas. I even cook Mexican food at home at least once a week. I can’t get enough. Mexican food constantly calls my name and I always answer. 


Self Portrait Lover

I love taking my own photos. Putting on makeup and getting dressed up to take pictures is my favorite thing to do. While taking self portraits allows me to better my posing and the posing of my clients, it also boosts my mood and makes me happy. My goal for 2020 is to take more self portraits. Since my Nikon D3200 DSLR does not have WiFi to connect to my phone I use my Canon PowerShot SX730 HS point and shoot. I find a location that fits the theme of my photos, attach my Canon to my tripod and the magic happens. Depending on the location I will go by myself or take my husband along with me. Taking self portraits is a great mood booster and can help you get out of a bad mood. 



Sharing who I am has been an awesome experience for me. Make sure you leave your name and email in order to receive notifications of new posts about me and posts about my photography.


Three Reasons You Need A Professional Photographer

With the latest technology around and the best phones why would anyone need a photographer? I mean we can just do a couple of quick snaps with our phone or point and shoot, slap a filter on those bad boys, upload those photos for everyone to see and hope they press that like button and call it a day. 



Don’t get me wrong when it comes to my everyday life and taking photos of my silly kids and capturing the brief moments they share with me, I use the camera on my iPhone. Sometimes those pictures come out great and other times I want to tell my kids to redo what they just did in order to get that moment crystal clear with my DSLR. 

Being a photographer I know not everything can be captured on my phone, especially if I want to be in the photo. There are events and special occasions that require a professional photographer to capture our moments in order to have the perfect pose and make sure the lighting is just right and the location is the best for the type of session booked. 

Here are three reasons why hiring a professional photographer is important!


Do you think about the lighting around you when you take your photos? I don’t just mean whether or not there’s enough light in the room to determine when to use your flash. I’m talking about the direction the light is coming from.

 The left? The right? Behind you? Behind your subject? Is there an over cast? Direct sunlight? Do you need an off camera flash? What about a soft box? 

All of this determines the settings on your camera in order to get a clear photo of what you’re taking a picture of. A GOOD photographer knows all about lighting and how to either incorporate that light into the photo or use items to bounce light or block the light entirely in order to get that awesome photograph. 


When taking photos do you think about your surroundings before you press the shutter button on your camera? Depending on what theme you are looking for and the type of session you want (graduation, couple, wedding, children) your location and the surrounding area is very important. Say you want to take photos of your family. An easy location would be a park right?. Looking at the surrounding area of the park you see a large area that is great for your family photos, but have you noticed what is going on in the background? 

The trash can behind your family? The people running on the trail or playing fetch with their dog? Trash on the ground because people did not clean up after themselves before they left?  

Sometimes it’s easy to do a couple of quick snaps to capture those memories to then go back to the photo to find some extra prop we were not looking out for. A GOOD photographer has the location planned out and has seen the location to determine where you need to stand and what areas to keep away from. We know that location is important not only to you but to us as well. 


Those Sanpchat and Instagram filters are perfect for those days you want to put on makeup without actually putting on makeup or adding a different color to the entire photo in order to “spice it up a bit.” I’m guilty of this too when it comes to my phone selfies, but that does not cut it when I am capturing a special moment. 

When you’re looking at a photo you captured of your kids do you notice the exposure? What about the contrast and the white balance? Do you see the missed jelly speck on your child’s cheek and know how to remove it so the jelly isn’t the focus of the photo?

A GOOD photographer knows what to look for when editing. We are capable of using our choice of editing software (I use both Photoshop and Lightroom) to enhance your photos. We can fix that jelly speck or whiten teeth. We have trained our eyes to look out for anything that may stand out in the photo and fix it.  

These are just some of the reasons why hiring a photographer is important. Yes it is easy to take photos by yourself, but having a professional looking out for all the little things that you would easily glance over is why you need a professional photographer. Find a photographer that listens to you and what you want for your session and they will make the magic happen. Start off with a mini session if the photographer is offering. You will be happy you decided to use a professional. 


Meet Me Monday Series #2

Today is Monday and y’all know what that means. Meet Me Monday is back for a second post! To be honest I couldn’t wait to post this. As a photographer serving the Houston, Texas area I feel that it is important that you learn about me just like I learn about you. If you missed my previous post covering four things about me you can find that here

Keep reading to find out four more interesting facts about your favorite Houston portrait photographer. 

I’m a Teacher

I like to say my other superpower is being a high school teacher. It takes a special person to be able to work with teenagers, hell working with any age for that matter. I love working with teenagers and is one of the reasons I offer senior sessions. I am able to see them evolve from a scared freshman to a badass senior ready to take on the world. I have been teaching for eight years and have loved every moment of it.

I Have a Serious Obsession With Makeup

I buy makeup almost every time I go into Walmart and I make special trips to Ulta just to walk around and see the products that I know I don’t need. Right now I’m currently obsessing on the Colourpop ”Uh Huhh Honey“ eyeshadow pallet. The golden colors are so pigmented and it takes me out of my usual neutral colors I wear when I do rock a full face. I also practice putting on makeup on the weekends just to perfect my skills. When I take my self portraits I always try to coordinate my makeup with my vision for that self session.

I’m a Podcast Addict

I love podcasts. I’m currently enjoying my mental health and self improvement so the podcasts I listen to boost my self confidence and provide me with clarity. Other genres I enjoy when I listen to my podcasts are religious and business related. I believe we always need to hear the word from the Lord to stay on track spiritually and I can always use tips and tricks on how to run my business. 

I Love Working On My Mental Health

I am a huge supporter of good mental health. Since becoming a mother I have lost who I am as a person and I know in order to find the person I want to be I have to be aware of my mental health. Something that has helped me to start understanding who I am and what I want to see myself as are my therapy sessions. I love being able to unload all of my doubts, fears, and happiness to someone who can help me process my mental thoughts and actions properly. I feel as a wife, mother and individual I deserve to be mentally happy with myself and seeking help for that is a major key. 

I hope y’all are enjoying this series as much as I am! We all have facts about us that we can share with others. What are some awesome facts about you? Leave a comment below!!




Alia Royce Photography Sessions

At the beginning of my photography journey I have taken pictures of many memories that have allowed me to understand what I like and what I don’t like when it comes to a niche in the photography business. I am proud of Alia Royce Photography and the positive and fun experience I give my clients. I am dedicated to what I do and how I achieve what I believe is my perfection. It is easy for a person to go on any website and determine what services are being offered and what is being sold to them, but I wanted to go a step further and write a post about the services Alia Royce Photography offers and why I offer these services. 


Senior Graduation Session: When that high school graduation year comes around not only is the graduating senior extremely happy, but all those close to the senior is happy as well. As a high school teacher I have seen students from ninth grade to their final twelfth grade year go through life’s ups and downs. Sometimes more downs than ups depending on situations that happen within that child’s life. To see the excitement on my students’ faces when they reach May and the feeling of graduation approaching quicker than they realize always makes me feel proud and happy they shared one of the most important journeys of life with me. 


This is why I offer senior graduation sessions. To see the excitement on my clients face and to see how proud their parents are always makes me feel overjoyed. I always sit back and think they could have chosen another photographer to capture this special moment, but they chose to share it with me.     


College Graduation Session: Graduating college is a feeling all on its own. No parents around to tell you what to do and who to hang out with. Everything is, or mostly everything is done on your own. Finding who you are and passing classes is a major accomplishment. If you’re married and/or a parent and/or work and have completed your undergraduate or graduate degree this is an important event because you did the damn thang (no I did not make a typo LOL) even with extra stuff going on in your life.  I remember those days and how I felt when the day finally came for me to get my bachelor’s degree and getting my master’s while being a wife, mother to my son while being pregnant and due any day gave me a sense of empowerment.


 College graduation is another milestone that needs to be captured and sent out for all to see. I remember those long nights of writing papers and studying for tests. Why not have a session to celebrate yourself? Have a session on campus to keep those memories of accomplishment. 


Couple/Engagement Session: Love is always in the air! There is always a reason to celebrate being with the one you love and having a couple or engagement session captures that love. I love hearing how couples met and what they love about each other. Funny things that have happened while they have been together and also the scary times that brought them even closer. 


Empowerment Individual Session: Feeling empowered is something we all need. Getting dressed up and being the center of attention adds a little pep to your step. I love seeing clients view the back of my camera at a shot I took of them and seeing their face light up in disbelief that the person they are looking at is actually them. Empowerment sessions can take place anytime of the year and can be tailored to your needs. You can go elegant and wear a ballgown or wear your favorite sports shirt and jeans. 


The best thing about empowerment sessions is no milestone has to happen in your life in order to book this type of session. This session is all about when you want it to take place. No particular reason and for no one else but yourself. 


Boudoir Session: Women and men should feel great in their own skin. As a mother I have acquired stretch marks and a body that does not look the same as it did when I was in my early twenties. Let’s face it. We get older and our bodies do things we sometimes don’t expect. Change happens, but what should not happen are feelings of low self esteem because we hold ourselves to be who we once were. And I’m talking about myself too. 


Boudoir sessions aren’t just putting on lingerie and having pictures taken. This session creates empowerment and encourages women and men to accept who they are and where they are in life. My favorite moments during the session are not the poses or outfits worn during the session. My favorite moments are when my clients see their photos for the first time and see how sexy and badass they really are. To see how my clients go from being scared to pose in front of the camera the first couple of minutes to owning their bodies by the end of the session. Boudoir sessions are important to me as they are my clients because I can go through the entire process with them and see how the experience changes each into a better self empowering person.     


Every professional photographer has their why when it comes to the sessions they offer. If you ever want to know their why just ask. This allows you to understand the type of photographer you have and what keeps them going. Want to know more about my sessions? Fill out the information below to receive more information.


Meet Me Monday Series #1

Hello everyone, I want to first thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy this series I have put together. Meet Me Monday is a series that will allow you to get to know the person behind the camera. I take care of capturing my clients memories so they can share with loved ones and friends and it is also important for me to take care of my clients getting to know me for who I am. Throughout this series I will tell you four quick things about me to give you a deeper insight on who I am. 


  1. I live in the outskirts of Pearland, Texas which is a mini city outside of Houston, Texas. I love being able to step outside my front door and look up at the stars. There is something about a clear sky at night that puts me at ease and also makes me wonder what else is out there. Aliens… Maybe. Life on Mars… A huge possibility. 
  2. I am married to an awesome man, Marcos, that takes care of me (and by this I mean he puts up with my goofy antics on an everyday basis) and our kids. We have two wonderful kids Marcos Jr and Danessa that keep us laughing and on our feet. On a normal day you can find us at home with toys covering the living room floor and movies playing in the background. We are homebodies and are in constant chill  mode. img_5820
  3. I love to read. Ever since I was little you would find me in my room reading books. The only thing that has changed is that I listen to my books on Audible due to having two young children. There is something about having a book in my hand that prompts my kids to need me more. My favorite books of all time are the Harry Potter series. I have read them all and continue to watch the movies. 
      1. Current read: The Family Shift by Rodney and Michelle Gage:
  4. I am a candy lover. My favorite candy is Twizzlers and since I was a teenager I always have a bag handy. It’s so bad that my husband feeds my addiction when he goes to the store lol. I would say one day I will come to my senses and ditch the sweets in order to save my teeth, but I know I would be lying and that’s something I don’t want to do. Bring on the dentures!!!


If you like this getting to know me series don’t forget to subscribe to receive new blog post and content weekly. See you next week!!


Two Reasons To Book a Mini Session

Depending on the time of year many professional photographers offer mini sessions to their clients. Mini sessions are usually reduced in time, and the amount of images the client gets is reduced as well. For example a photographers regular session may cost $200 for an hour, but will offer a mini session for $100 for thirty minutes and include three to five images.

 There are two ways mini sessions can benefit you (the client).


What is a mini session? Mini sessions come in different themes and session sizes. Photographers can offer Valentines day mini sessions, spring mini sessions, senior graduation mini sessions and Christmas mini sessions, just to name a few. 

Mentioned before, mini sessions are reduced in time and money in order to give clients the opportunity to get quick holiday photos. A location is chosen by the photographer as well as a date(s) and time slots. All the client has to do is let the photographer know which day they want and the time from the list given to them. With mini sessions it is imperative for the client to show up on time and even a bit earlier in order to get the full experience. Sometimes photographers have a day or two lined up with back to back time slots, so if you are not on time your session will be cut short in order to prevent other clients from having reduced sessions. 


Cheaper than a regular session: One good thing about mini sessions is that they are cheaper than the photographers regular sessions. You can save money to get holiday photos taken of yourself, your kids and your family. You also don’t have to worry about thinking of a theme and location for your session because all of that has been decided by the photographer. With a cheaper session you will receive limited images, but the photographer may allow you to buy extra images at a fixed price. 


Test out the photographer: Mini sessions are a great way to get familiar with a photographer and their work to see if you would like to hire them for one of their regular sessions. Even though mini sessions are short in time you can still get the vibe of the photographer and how they work with you. You also have a chance to see how your photos will turn out and if you like their editing style. Yes it is easy to look at a photographers editing style on their portfolio, but you need to see if you like their editing style for your photos and the best way to do that is to get your photos done during a mini session, unless you know for sure you like their editing style. 


Stating all of this information, this is not a way to persuade you from having a regular session with a professional photographer. You also should not go to different photographers because they are having mini sessions. Getting a photographer and sticking with them, unless they do not offer a session you need, is a great way to build a relationship with someone who will be taking care of your memories. I hope you liked this mini post about mini sessions and the benefits they provide. 


Alia Royce Boudoir Prepayment Plan

An Alia Royce Photography boudoir session is the best experience anyone can have and why not enjoy an experience of a lifetime without worrying about how much you are going to spend after your session. Alia Royce Photography offers their boudoir clients the option to prepay for the package they want before their session. 

Want more information? Keep reading to find out how the prepayment plan works. 

  1. During your free consultation you will have the option of choosing the package that is right for you and if need be signing up for the prepayment plan. 
  2. 0% interest
  3. 15% down payment is expected in order to hold the current package rate
  4. Texas state tax 8.25% is included on my purchase
  5. A prepayment contract will be signed stating acknowledgement of the prepayment plan before your first payment is taken. 
  6. The prepayment plan will be a recurring plan set by you and Alia Royce Photography.
  7. A credit/debit card will be put on file with a second credit/debit card as a backup. With so much fraud going on these days closing a credit/debit card used on an everyday basis and remembering to switch all payments on file can be hard to remember. By having a second credit/debit card on file you can rest assure if something happens you are still covered and your boudoir session is still secure. 
  8. Money towards your prepayment plan is non-refundable.
  9. Square will be used to process all of your recurring transactions.

Prepaying for your package is not required, however if you wish to take advantage of the prepayment plan you must do so PRIOR to your session. Payment plans are not offered after the session. If you do not do a prepayment plan for your package you will be required to pay in full at the portrait reveal. 

Prepaying for your package is easy and allows you to focus on your session rather than thinking about money while your living your best life during your session. 


Contact Alia Royce Photography for more information on our prepayment plan

Please allow 24hrs for a response



I met Stacie while working as a teacher at Dayton High School and ever since we have been best friends.

She recently graduated with her Master’s degree in counseling from the University of St. Thomas and asked me to shoot her graduate photos.

She had one request and that was to have a photo of her breastfeeding. Of course I was down for it and loved the idea of a working mom taking care of three kids while going to school. Being able to capture that was just amazing and I’m so happy she chose me to be her photographer.



Allyscia (A.K.A Aunt D)

Allyscia and I have known each other for quite some time. To the point where my 3yo calls her Aunt D and wants to talk to her as much as he talks to his Gigi and Papa ( he also never wants her to leave the house when she comes over).

So when she asked me about an Individual Session I was ecstatic. We planned and planned in order to get the look she was going for. She even hired one of our high school seniors to do her makeup (and can I say Alyza did fantastic)

I knew she would rock her session, and she absolutely did just that!!