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4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Photographer

Picking a photographer for your special event can be a hard task. Depending on what session you want will determine what type of photographer you need.   There are also many other factors to consider when looking for a professional photographer. Know that you are just as important in the photo taking process and it is up to you to find that professional photographer … Read More 4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Photographer


4 Reasons For Your Photographer’s Pricing

Booking a professional photographer is not always cheap and depending on what type of session you are looking for will determine the price you may pay for your session. Each photographer has different pricing for their services and if you want a photographer who knows what they are doing you may pay more. This post is not to encourage you to find the most … Read More 4 Reasons For Your Photographer’s Pricing


Meet Me Monday 3

Disclaimer: The items mentioned in this post were bought with my own money and is listed in this post to inform the reader. It’s that time again. Another Monday in January means another Meet Me Monday. This is the third series and like I have said before, I’m enjoying sharing who I am with you. I believe all of my clients should know who … Read More Meet Me Monday 3


Three Reasons You Need A Professional Photographer

With the latest technology around and the best phones why would anyone need a photographer? I mean we can just do a couple of quick snaps with our phone or point and shoot, slap a filter on those bad boys, upload those photos for everyone to see and hope they press that like button and call it a day.  Right? Wrong! Don’t get me … Read More Three Reasons You Need A Professional Photographer


Meet Me Monday Series #2

Today is Monday and y’all know what that means. Meet Me Monday is back for a second post! To be honest I couldn’t wait to post this. As a photographer serving the Houston, Texas area I feel that it is important that you learn about me just like I learn about you. If you missed my previous post covering four things about me you … Read More Meet Me Monday Series #2


Alia Royce Photography Sessions

Alia Royce Photography offers many sessions for our clients. Find out which sessions we offer and why!


Meet Me Monday Series #1

Hello everyone, I want to first thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy this series I have put together. Meet Me Monday is a series that will allow you to get to know the person behind the camera. I take care of capturing my clients memories so they can share with loved ones and friends and it is also important for me … Read More Meet Me Monday Series #1


Two Reasons To Book a Mini Session

Depending on the time of year many professional photographers offer mini sessions to their clients. Mini sessions are usually reduced in time, and the amount of images the client gets is reduced as well. For example a photographers regular session may cost $200 for an hour, but will offer a mini session for $100 for thirty minutes and include three to five images.  There … Read More Two Reasons To Book a Mini Session



I met Stacie while working as a teacher at Dayton High School and ever since we have been best friends. She recently graduated with her Master’s degree in counseling from the University of St. Thomas and asked me to shoot her graduate photos. She had one request and that was to have a photo of her breastfeeding. Of course I was down for it … Read More Stacie


Allyscia (A.K.A Aunt D)

Allyscia and I have known each other for quite some time. To the point where my 3yo calls her Aunt D and wants to talk to her as much as he talks to his Gigi and Papa ( he also never wants her to leave the house when she comes over). So when she asked me about an Individual Session I was ecstatic. We … Read More Allyscia (A.K.A Aunt D)