Boudoir Payment Plan

An Alia Royce boudoir session is the best experience anyone can have and why not enjoy an experience of a lifetime without worrying about how much you are going to spend after your session. Alia Royce Photography offers their boudoir clients the option to prepay for the package they want before their session. 


Want more information? Keep reading to find out how the prepayment plan works. 


  1. During your free consultation you will have the option of choosing the package that is right for you and if need be signing up for the prepayment plan. 
  2. 0% interest
  3. 15% down payment is expected in order to hold the current package rate
  4. Texas state tax 8.25% is included on my purchase
  5. A prepayment contract will be signed stating acknowledgement of the prepayment plan before your first payment is taken. 
  6. The prepayment plan will be a recurring plan set by you and Alia Royce Photography.
  7. A credit/debit card will be put on file with a second credit/debit card as a backup. With so much fraud going on these days closing a credit/debit card used on an everyday basis and remembering to switch all payments on file can be hard to remember. By having a second credit/debit card on file you can rest assure if something happens you are still covered and your boudoir session is still secure. 
  8. Money towards your prepayment plan is non-refundable.
  9. Square will be used to process all of your recurring transactions.


Prepaying for your package is not required, however if you wish to take advantage of the prepayment plan you must do so PRIOR to your session. Payment plans are not offered after the session. If you do not do a prepayment plan for your package you will be required to pay in full at the portrait reveal. 

Prepaying for your package is easy and allows you to focus on your session rather than thinking about money while your living your best life during your session. 


Contact Alia Royce Photography for more information on our prepayment plan

Please allow 24hrs for a response

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